How to Build your Agility to Change in your Career

Course description

In this class, you will learn:

  • Why becoming a “change champion” is so critical for both your own personal wellbeing and your career.
  • How to identify typical “change reactions” and how to support yourself and others through change.
  • How to create your own compelling case for change.
  • How the changing employment environment has impacted on careers today.
  • Practical tips for transitioning through career change and women’s career cycles.
Stephanie Rix

Stephanie Rix

Career Coach

Stephanie Rix is a creative career coach with over fifteen years experience in marketing for leading global beauty brands L’Oréal and Avon Cosmetics Ltd. She led the Avon marketing training programme where she coached senior leaders from across Europe and Latin America.

Her passion for coaching has led her to leave the corporate world and establish herself as an independent coach. She is also completing the final year of an MA in Career Development and Coaching at Warwick University with specialist interest in women’s career development.

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1.0 hr

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How to build your agility to change in your career