Making the Big Leap Masterclass

Making the Big Leap Masterclass with Suzy Greaves

taught by Suzy Greaves

Course description

Often people think that a big leap is a move to a different country or leaving your husband, or leaving your job, and making a leap out of your comfort zone into the unknown and that can be incredibly scary.
However, in this class, you’ll learn that a big leap is something that you do every day, that is much more achievable! Often it can be that you make one small change, one small leap, and that has a massive knock-on effect in all other areas of your life.
You’ll learn about shifting from constricted, victim-thinking into expanded possibility thinking. It’s about going from:
“I’m not good enough, I can’t do this,” to
“OK, so how can I make this happen? What might be possible for me?”
In this master class, you’ll learn to make that big leap in your mind and move from “contracted thinking” to “expanded thinking”, so that whatever happens, you are able to rise to the challenge.
In this audio class, you’ll learn how to think you CAN do it, whatever your goal is - and then get started!
Suzy Greaves
Suzy Greaves
Editor Psychologies Magazine

Suzy Greaves is a writer, journalist, author, business owner and editor. A freelance health journalist for the monthly glossies and health editor for OK! Magazine and New Woman, Suzy made the leap in 1997 to become a ‘life coach’ and founded The Big Leap Coaching Co.

Hailed as ‘the top ten guru to change your life around’ by the Daily Mail, Suzy has written best-selling Making The Big Leap, named as one of the top ten life changing books of the year by The Independent on Sunday.

Her second book The Big Peace published by Hay House was named as ‘the ultimate guide to true contentment’ by the Express Newspaper.

Suzy has been a columnist for New Woman, Woman and Grazia Magazine, Top Sante and Health and Fitness and occasional one minute life coach for GMTV.

Suzy became editor of Psychologies magazine in March 2012. She lives in Sussex with her son Charlie and Oscar, the dog.

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