Amanda Alexander
Jennifer Baker

How to Create the Perfect Career

This class will help you to discover your purpose through powerful visioning exercises. This will help you to get clear on what your perfect career looks like.

Julie Dennis

Managing the Menopause in the Workplace

In a recent study nearly 50% of the women interviewed felt menopause symptoms had a negative impact on their performance at work. If this is you, then this master class will help you to manage those symptoms at work.

Amanda Davie

How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Learn the 10 competencies of emotionally intelligent leadership and how to assess your own emotional intelligence as a female leader.

Amanda Alexander

Stepping Up

A Powerful 8-week coaching programme for women who want to get out of their own way and step up!

Emma Langman

How to Adapt to a New Culture

An interview with Dr. Emma Langman on her experiences and lessons learned after emigrating from the UK to Kuwait with 2 young children and a newly adopted baby daughter.

Tony Burgess

How to Be a Confident Woman

Learn how to open the gates on the confidence within you, how to model your own excellence and a technique for anchoring confidence so you can start to trigger it at will.