Amanda Alexander
Jennifer Holloway

How to Promote Your Value at Work

Learn how to promote your value at work without feeling uncomfortable or out of integrity. This will help you to progress your career and be recognised and valued in your role at work.

Kaya George

Goal Setting that Actually Works!

Learn how to make reaching your goals as easy as pie and how to stay focused & motivated to reach your goals.

Rachel McGuinness

Maximise Your Energy

Super charge your energy: Learn how to eat better and sleep better without it being a big effort.

Claire Portis

Refresh, Re-Focus and Re-Ignite Your Mojo

Learn 7 simple, practical steps that will bring clarity and focus to your current situation, and set you on a clear and actionable path to achieving your career and life goals.

Suzanne Doyle-Morris

How to Succeed in Your Career as a Working Mum

Learn how to set yourself up for success with balance in your career as a working mum.

Jennie Deldridge

How to Be More "Zen" as a Working Mum

Learn why you get so stressed as a working mum and how to "work in" (as well as working out!) so that you feel more calm and in control.