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The Academy for Talented Women

"This is where we unwrap the most courageous, self confident and emotionally resilient version of you!"

What is The Academy for Talented Women, in one sentence?

The Academy for Talented Women is a unique, highly cost-effective online members' club that exists to help professional women to fulfil their potential at work and in life.

Is this you?

You're probably a professional woman - and probably a woman in business.

Most of our members are aged between 35-55. It's the time in a woman's life when you are trying to grow a career, a relationship and possibly a family.. whilst trying to run the house, keep hold of your own sense of self and trying to do the right things to stay healthy.

You might also be dealing with not enough sleep, hormonal changes, ageing parents and making time to somehow keep your friendships going. Most of the time, it feels like an almost impossible challenge to balance it all!

The word "busy" is a byline for modern women juggling so many competing demands on her time and energy!

Working mothers in particular spend these decades trying to keep everyone happy and often end up feeling as if they are failing on all counts, no matter how hard they try! We "get" busy, overwhelmed and exhausted. About 90% of our members are working mums, the other 10% are equally as busy, even without kids, having taken on extra responsibilities!

Your work is important to you - you are seeking career progression, or you might be in career transition. You want to make an impact on the World in your own way, whether you want to be seen as a leader in your organisation or you want to forge your own path.

There is no one label to describe you - you are the sum of your many parts!

You might be a mum returning to work after a career break, using this crossroads in your life as an opportunity to get clear on what you really want, now that your priorities have shifted and career choices have become less black and white.

Or you might be like 30% of Academy members, who have a dream of going it alone. Many of our members have made the shift from corporate to become independent professionals, often having used their original career as a springboard into self-employment.

You might work for a great organisation. Or you might be working for a dinosaur. We all experience both over the course of our careers!

You probably want to:

1.Have more self confidence so that you can step up in your career and really fulfil your potential - and take no cr*p from bullies you'll meet along the way.

2.Continue* to build your emotional resilience, so that you can glide (almost) effortlessly through the seas of 21st Century life, even when storms are raging.

3.Balance your life - or at least IMPROVE the balance so that you feel a it more in control, a bit more organised, a bit more focused on your big picture, a bit less guilty about not being able to clone yourself.

4.Believe in yourself, so that you can stop feeling as if you're going to be found out (it's called imposter syndrome) and feel good about yourself even when you are challenged by others.

*I know you have plenty already, but we need as much as we can get, don't we?

If so, you're in the right place!

The Academy's Mission

To help women to develop their potential, feel good about themselves and achieve success that's balanced.

This is what The Academy will do for you:

In the Academy, you will be encouraged, supported and coached to be the best that you can be, in both your personal and professional life. You'll get access to coaching, resources and information that you can access at your pace and in your own time. You'll find a place where you are amongst like-minded women who absolutely GET IT.

Here's what you'll get as a member of The Academy for Talented Women:

1.An online self-paced coaching programme, delivered to you in bite size chunks each month, to help you achieve success with fulfilment and balance

2.Regular live coaching calls - You can attend live if you your schedule permits. If not, you can still get help with your issue or challenge by submitting a question beforehand. You'll get recordings of all calls that you can download onto your phone and listen to on your commute, whilst you're cooking, watching the kids swimming or when you're out running.

3.Regular online masterclasses to help you with the 3 areas that make up a fulfilling life: Career, Self and Life. Again, we run these masterclasses LIVE via webinar, 9 times a year. You can attend live or you can catch the recorded version. You'll get MP3 versions of each masterclass too. We know how handy it is to have learning on the go!

4.A comprehensive and ever-growing library of self-development webinars and coaching sessions with video, audio and downloadable cheat sheets, workbooks and visuals. Just WAIT until you see all the incredible resources we've got waiting for you in The Academy!

5.Membership of a friendly, supportive network of other professional women - fellow members of The Academy for Talented Women via our Private Facebook group. You can share a success, ask for a contact and build your professional network in a way that is meaningful, without having to travel to a formal networking event.

6.And last but by no means least, you'll also get an invitation to our annual live event - "Stepping Up". A day designed to inspire you to knock down the obstacles getting in your way and to "step up" to creating a career and a life that you'll love.

Why is all this important?

The Academy for Talented Women is based on the principle that "success" is only meaningful when it addresses all aspects of your life. That's why we built The Academy - to enable you to achieve your own definition of success, in every area of your life. It is a ‘one stop shop’ of support, self-development, masterminding and coaching. It's what modern-day working women need!

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